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If you're a fan of the American Paint Horse or just horses in general, you should enjoy this web site.  The LPHC sponsors APHA approved horse shows and other events that should be of interest to Paint Horse enthusiast.  We're growing and expecting big things this year.  Come join us!

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  Attention!  LPHC 2015 OFFICERS

President:     Stoney Richard

Vice-President:  Peggy Ivins

Secretary:  Carrie Sowell

Treasurer:  Mary Parrott and Jodie Nolen

Board Members are:  Heidi Anderson, Kurt Boeve, Tim Guidry, Kaye Nell Ivins, Jodie Nolen, Phylis "Mike" Richard, Ty Steele, Kerry Barnes (outgoing Pres)

Zone Reps: Peggy Ivins, Kaye Nell Ivins (alt), Stoney Richard


  Attention!  2017 SHOWBILLS AND FORMS

LPHC information:

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 sponsors Paint Horse Shows that are recognized by the American Paint Horse Association.

The American Paint Horse is a beautiful warm-blooded breed of horses. Our horses, which are descendents of the horses that were brought to the New World by the Spanish explorers, are bred for their wonderful white markings, along with superior athletic ability and a sound mind.

While registered Paints are considered "Stock-type" horses, they are extraordinarily versatile horses. The breed is extremely popular and it is a fast-growing breed with approximately 50,000 new foals being registered each year. 

Orren Mixers StallionsThe painting on the left is titled "Stallions" and it is by the world-renowned artist Orren Mixer. It depicts the two main coat patterns, Overo and Tobiano. A Tobiano Overo cross, commonly referred to as Tovero, is also seen in the breed, but not in the painting. The stallion on the left is an Overo and the one on the right is a Tobiano.

If you'd like to visit the web site of the American Paint Horse Association, just click on Orren Mixer's "Stallions" painting. You'll find a wealth of Paint Horse information there.

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